Introducing Rosecut’s new CTO — Jun Seki

Let’s find out more about our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Jun Seki: the man behind the role.

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Meet our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO): Jun Seki

The beginning

Growing up in Shanghai, Jun demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit at an early age. Looking up to visionaries such as Bill Gates, Jun dreamt of one day running his own tech company. While other teenagers were spending time playing video games or watching movies, Jun was busy starting his first venture — a social network forum. His social media platform preceded MySpace and garnered an impressive number of users.

Bringing a dream to life

After leaving Shanghai, Jun made his way to Australia where he earned a Bachelors of Information Technology and Software Development. There, he continued to whet his entrepreneurial appetite and founded his own creative agency.

A Rosecut vision

After meeting Qiaojia, Rosecut’s CEO and founder, almost 10 years ago through the LBS network, Jun joined Rosecut as one of the first 10 clients. He chose to invest with Rosecut because he strongly believed in the Rosecut business model and offerings.