Introducing Rosecut’s new CTO — Jun Seki

Let’s find out more about our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Jun Seki: the man behind the role.

3 min readOct 25, 2021

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Meet our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO): Jun Seki

Rosecut is pleased to welcome Jun Seki as our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Jun is an experienced entrepreneur, visionary leader, and proud computer nerd! As the CTO, he will take over the product function, assemble a team full of tech avengers, and build the next level of the product.

The beginning

Growing up in Shanghai, Jun demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit at an early age. Looking up to visionaries such as Bill Gates, Jun dreamt of one day running his own tech company. While other teenagers were spending time playing video games or watching movies, Jun was busy starting his first venture — a social network forum. His social media platform preceded MySpace and garnered an impressive number of users.

Bringing a dream to life

After leaving Shanghai, Jun made his way to Australia where he earned a Bachelors of Information Technology and Software Development. There, he continued to whet his entrepreneurial appetite and founded his own creative agency.

While on a London Business School (LBS) trip to India in December 2011, Jun met Oyvind Henriksen, his future co-founder. After a couple rounds of beers and elephant polo, Jun and Oyvind created the start to Poq, a mobile platform that allows retailers to develop customisable native apps.

With Poq, Jun brought his childhood dream of becoming a tech entrepreneur to life. For the nine years following, Jun worked tirelessly to develop, grow, and build Poq. After selling part of the company in 2019, he turned to the healthcare industry for a new challenge as the CTO of Healthera. He rebuilt the Healthera team and launched an e-commerce over-the-counter medicine shopping app for pharmacies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Rosecut vision

After meeting Qiaojia, Rosecut’s CEO and founder, almost 10 years ago through the LBS network, Jun joined Rosecut as one of the first 10 clients. He chose to invest with Rosecut because he strongly believed in the Rosecut business model and offerings.

“I wish Rosecut existed earlier in my 20s,” said Jun. “My life would be in a much better shape and trajectory.”

“Rosecut is tapping into a huge underserved market of budding high net worth individuals worth £4 trillion. It brings down the barriers for individuals to access wealth management advice. It helped me through financial turbulence and generated a considerable amount of return for my investments.

Autonomous Research predicts that by 2030, artificial intelligence (AI) will allow financial institutions to reduce operational costs by 22%*. My vision for Rosecut is that it will become the next generation wealth management platform — the general practitioner of your personal finances.

By aggregating all of the service providers of your personal finance, Rosecut provides a 360 degree analysis of your financial health and prescribes you the right solutions and recommendations for investing, savings and more. You will be told exactly what you’re doing well, what you need help with, what actions you can take to improve, and what investment portfolio you need — all in one easy to read and consolidated platform.

With the amount of the data built on top of the open banking application program interface (API), we can apply machine learning and AI to reshape the global wealth management landscape, make real wealth management knowledge more accessible and give our users and clients more control over their personal finances.”

The Rosecut team is thrilled to have Jun onboard. Please join us in congratulating Jun and welcoming him to the team!

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