Rosecut Market Update: April 2022

Hear from the Rosecut Investment Team who discuss the latest market movements and trends for the month of April 2022.

1 min readApr 25, 2022

Investment Team | Market Update

Our portfolio manager Daniel Greenhough and advisor Mike O’Sullivan talk markets

As we move further into Spring and the new tax year, the second quarter of 2022 is looking to be another eventful one with a variety of geopolitical news, from the French election to the ongoing Russian conflict. But what is happening in the financial markets?

For the month of April, our portfolio manager Daniel Greenhough and advisor Mike O’Sullivan discuss bond and equity markets, the market impact of the lockdown angst in China, and how the US Dollar has rallied to show signs of strength, continuing to power higher against the Japanese Yen. They also demonstrate how well positioned Rosecut investment portfolios are to deal with any market sentiment resulting from inflation, interest rates, Fed behavior and the war in Ukraine.

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