Rosecut Market Update: March 2022

1 min readMar 22, 2022

Hear from the experts of our Rosecut Investment Team, who discuss the latest market movements and trends for the month of March 2022.

Investment Team | Market Update

Our portfolio manager Daniel Greenhough and advisor Mike O’Sullivan talk markets

Spring has sprung, but what exactly is in store for financial markets as we head towards tax year end? With the crisis in Ukraine dominating the world stage, our investment team take a closer look at what has been going on in global markets and what policies central banks are implementing for remediation.

For the month of March, our portfolio manager Daniel Greenhough and advisor Mike O’Sullivan discuss the increase of interest rates by the Federal Reserve, and what could cause any potential relief rallies. They also discuss how we are defensively positioned in our own investment portfolios and what factors may cause the team to reassess things.

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